Stitchy Tool Wallet


  • $ 8.00

All colors except the Acid Green are here and in stock - please expect a 3-4 week wait for the Acid Green.

Check out the review of our Stitchy Tool Wallet with the Ultimate Tool Kit by Katy the Stash Queen over on YouTube!

Keep all your stitching tools safe and sound in our Stitchy Tool Wallet, available in 6 different colors:

  • Magenta with purple accents
  • Charcoal with black accents
  • Black with light grey accents
  • Acid green with charcoal accents
  • Teal with camel accents
  • Brown with honey yellow accents

The Stitchy Tool Wallet is made of sturdy acrylic felt (which means you can also use it as a pin cushion!), and features three small pockets, two larger pockets and one zippered pocket. It is also easy to customize your wallet with applique or embroidery - check out the last photo for Liz's heart-embroidered wallet!

If you already have a full set of stitchy tools, purchase the Stitchy Tool Wallet solo, and you will receive just the wallet. Or, purchase one of our Tool kits, and you'll get extra goodies packaged inside your wallet:

Please note: The Ultimate Tool Gift Set is made to order, and will take a few weeks to ship, so please order with that in mind!

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