Soy Luster Soy Silk Thread Collector's Club - 5 skeins per month

Soy Luster Soy Silk Thread Collector's Club - 5 skeins per month

  • $ 24.00
  • Save $ 2.25

Build up your collection of The Pure Palette's Soy Luster soy silk thread with our monthly Thread Collector's Club

Soy Luster is a plied soy silk thread - it has a texture similar to a spun wool or spun silk thread, and dyes up vibrantly. Use it as it comes for lower count linen/evenweave or Aida cross stitching, or use multiple strands for canvas work. Soy Luster skeins retail for $4.50, but our Collector's Club shipments offer a discount off that price. Our Collector's Club subscriptions include shipping, so please be sure to select the correct shipping location when signing up.

There are currently 170 colorways in the Soy Luster collection, some solids and some shadows (single-color variegated). You can see the complete collection here

Sign up by the end of the current month, and your subscription will begin with the next month's shipment, which goes out between the 20th ad 30th of the month. Your subscription will renew automatically 33 times, and then will auto-cancel, so you do not receive any duplicate thread. You can also cancel at any time, if you do not want to receive all 34 shipments. (All shipments paid for prior to your cancellation will still be sent.) Because this is an automatically-renewing subscription, we are unable to accept paypal payments on this item. If you would prefer to prepay for a group of shipments via PayPal or credit card, please use the message us button below or send us an email to get set up.

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