Hanukkah Color Countdown Shipment - November 2019

  • $ 40.00

If you would like to order this shipment for an international address, please send us a message and we will create a custom invoice for you. We are unable to offer the international shipping version of this listing here due to inventory control.

Our 2019 Color Countdown shipments are all about holidays! Since these shipments go out at the end of their assigned month, we've selected a holiday from the next month for each shipment. These shipments are a great choice not only for cross stitchers, but also for needlepointers, embroiderers and crazy quilters.

Each Color Countdown shipment focuses on colors related to it's holiday, and includes 15 individually-wrapped stitching goodies with a value of at least $35.00 - a smaller version of our popular Countdown Boxes! Each shipment includes a variety of threads, embellishments, finishing supplies and occasionally a stitching tool or other stitching-related goody.

Starting in 2019, our Color Countdown shipments have a stitching fabric upgrade option - you may add a Fat 8th or Fat Quarter of the shipment's specified fabric to your box by using the drop-down menus above. Because we need to allow time for the fabric to be prepared for us, the fabric upgrade option closes 6 weeks prior to the shipment going out. The fabric upgrade period for this shipment has ended. This shipment's fabric upgrade is Helix by Picture This Plus.

Due to new USPS international shipping rules in January 2018, Color Countdown shipments sent to International addresses to require an additional shipping charge, so please be sure to select the correct location (using the drop-down menus above) for international orders.

Shipping Schedule: These shipments will go out by the end of each month.

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