Ackworth School Motif Pattern Book - StitchyBox Samplers

Ackworth School Motif Pattern Book - StitchyBox Samplers

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Mis-print special! We have 25 books that were bound so that the page numbers are on the inside (against the binding) rather than along the outer edge. They are otherwise identical to the normal version, so if you'd like a copy of this book for a bit of a discount, and don't mind where your page numbers are located, grab one of the mis-prints by using the drop-down menu above!

The Ackworth Motif Pattern Book is a spiral-bound book full of 100 motifs from Ackworth School samplers - use these motifs to stitch smalls (pin pillows, biscornus, needlebooks) or use them to create your own larger designs! That's right, while the book is copyrighted, you are welcome to use the motifs inside to create your own original designs. This book is a fabulous resource for stitchers, collectors and designers, and we are happy to bring it back to print.

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