House of Embroidery Fine Silk Collector's Club

  • $ 24.60
  • Save $ 2.40

Sign up for our House of Embroidery Fine Silk Collector's Club and receive 4 cards of gorgeous silk thread each month. This handdyed thread from South Africa is a filiment silk, and is ideal for cross stitching over 1 fabric thread, stitching on higher fabric counts and very fine embroidery/needlepainting. A single strand is roughly half the coverage of a single strand of DMC cotton floss, and each card has 30 meters of thread. The second image is our stitched color sample model in progress, stitched on 40 count raw linen.

Cards of HE's Fine Silk are normally $6.00 each, but our Collector's Club members save 10% off the retail price. The subscription options do include shipping, so please be sure to select the correct location based on your shipping address. If you sign up for multiple House of Embroidery Collector's Clubs, we will manually remove the shipping charge from the second (and third) clubs and refund the initial shipping charge on the additional clubs.

There are currently 116 colorways available in Fine Silk, meaning that it will take 29 months to collect the entire set. Sign up by the end of the current month, and your subscription will begin with the next month's shipment, which goes out between the 20th ad 30th of the month (as it takes time for the thread to arrive to us from South Africa for each shipment). Your subscription will renew automatically 28 times, and then will auto-cancel, so you do not receive any duplicate thread. You can also cancel at any time, if you do not want to receive all 29 shipments. (All shipments paid for prior to your cancellation will still be sent.) Because this is an automatically-renewing subscription, we are unable to accept paypal payments on this item. 



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