Silk Stash Skeins - April 2021

Silk Stash Skeins - April 2021

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I don't like good silk to go to waste, so when I skein up our silk threads, I always save the extra that won't make a full skein. When the basket gets full, a new batch of Silk Stash Skeins is born!

Each Silk Stash Skein contains 10 lengths of approximately 30 inches, which is about 2 feet more than a standard 8 yard skein. Most consist of 5 colors (2 lengths each), but there is one 10 color skein in this batch. The silk comes from our Flower Silk and StitchySilk lines, as well as our one of a kind colorways from Dinky Dyes and Gloriana. Most of the lengths are 6 or 7 strand, but there are some of those 12 strand lengths from Gloriana.

Silk Stash Skeins are great for adding a bit of color to your stash, and work well for cross stitch, embroidery and crazy quilting.  Select your skein(s) using the drop-down menu above to select the letter under the skein(s).

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