Stitch Every Day Subscription

In the five years since StitchyBox first opened, we've received numerous requests for a cross-stitch-chart-focused shipment, and I am happy to say it is finally here!

We are now offering two versions of Stitch Every Day: a Charts & Goodies Complete Shipment, which includes the 19 small charts and between 9-12 stitching goodies (depending on how many days in the specific month there are), and a Charts Only option, which includes only the 19 small charts.

Because only one of these offerings requires shipping, they run on different sign-up schedules.

  • The Complete Shipment (Charts + Goodies) is currently open for new subscribers. Signing up for the Complete Shipment before March 31st will start you with the May 2020 shipment. If you would like to receive the April 2020 charts before starting the Complete Shipment in May, purchase a one-time subscription for the Charts Only option, and sign up for the recurring Complete Shipment (Charts + Goodies) subscription.
  • Sign up for the Charts Only option through March 31st and you will begin with theĀ April 2020 collection.