Stash Delights Subscription

Stash Delights is currently full. Please click here to join our waitlist to have first access to any available spots for March (if we have cancellations), or for future shipments.

Here you will find our Stash Delights subscription, as well as any single-month boxes if we have them available. Spots for this subscription are limited, so that we can feature products from small businesses - grab one so you don't miss out! 

You can find an unboxing of our beta test for this shipment on YouTube here.

The standard sign-up schedule for Stash Delights is:

November 15 - December 14: January Shipment
December 15 - January 14: February Shipment
January 15 - February 14: March Shipment
February 15 - March 14: April Shipment
March 15 - April 14: May Shipment
April 15 - May 14: June Shipment
May 15 - June 14: July Shipment
June 15 - July 14: August Shipment
July 15 - August 14: September Shipment
August 15 - September 14: October Shipment
September 15 - October 14: November Shipment
October 15 - November 14: December Shipment

Please note: Those who participated in the pre-sale in early November 2020 will start with the January 2021 shipment, as there is no December 2020 shipment :)