Countdown Boxes

While you will find all of our Countdown Box options below, we recommend using the menu above to view the Boxes Open for Deposits, Ready-to-ship/Ship-date-approaching Boxes, and our Color Countdown Shipments. 

Please note: due to continuing supply chain challenges and social-distancing, I estimate Countdown Boxes other than the Halloween and Christmas Boxes will be shipping 4-6 weeks after their previously-established ship dates for the next few months. Color Countdowns will ship during their assigned month. Thank you for your patience!

Our Countdown boxes contain individually wrapped, hand-selected stitching goodies to open over the course of a month (or, for the Christmas Advent Box, from Dec 1 - Christmas). Each box includes fabrics, threads, charts, embellishments, finishing items and/or stitching tools. Secure your spot in a future box with a $20.00 deposit below!

Wondering what you might find in one of our Boxes? Check out our Countdown Box Unboxing playlist on YouTube!

We offer three types of Countdown Boxes/shipments:

  • Our Seasonal Countdown Boxes ship four times per year (1 for each season). While limited in number, there are significantly more spaces available in the Seasonal Boxes than in the Small Batch Boxes. The Seasonal Countdown Boxes all ship at the same time, contain exclusive-to-the-box charts, and are not customizable. 
    • Our Small Batch Countdown Boxes feature more specific themes, are available in extremely limited quantities, and can be customized to your fabric preferences. Small Batch Boxes are released throughout the year, and can be shipped according to your schedule - perfect for a special occasion! Upcoming Small Batch Countdown Box themes include: Mermaid, Unicorns, Band Samplers, Quaker Samplers, Dog-lovers, Cat-lovers - the list goes on and on! Have an idea for a Small Batch Box theme? Use the button in the lower right corner to send us a message with your idea!
    • Our Color Countdown shipments are mini-versions of our standard Countdown Boxes - each includes 15 individually-wrapped goodies with a value of at least $35.00 Because these are smaller shipments, the deposit option is not available - the full payment for the shipment is due at checkout.