"You know it's 2020, right?"

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I know, I know - "Liz, it's 2020, why are you starting a blog?"

Well, honestly, because as happy as I am that social media has allowed me to connect to new customers and friends, social media, Facebook specifically, also really sucks. It's no longer a place to have thoughts, or conversations, and I'd like to move away from it a bit. 

Sometimes there are just things I'm thinking that I want to put out there, or fun things I've found that I'd like to share, and I don't want to pay Facebook $500 to get them to show it to more than 100 people in my audience. Instagram still doesn't play nicely with anything that has a link, so here we are.

This year I'm also focusing on "daily practice" - setting up a set of things that I do on a daily basis as a commitment to myself. People that I greatly admire have included blogging in that sort of practice, even if they didn't know exactly what they were going to talk about each day, to great benefit, so I'm giving it a shot. 

Sometimes you'll find updates about new things added to the shop or cool stitchy things I've found elsewhere, sometimes you'll find posts about the StitchyBox Pup Squad or my other interests, it's a bit of a smorgasbord. But  you are welcome to leave comments and ask questions, and we'll see where we go!

We took Vera to the vet on New Year's Eve, because her allergy cough (that she's had since we adopted her over a year ago) suddenly became wet and much worse. Turns out she has kennel cough, probably caught it on the same vet visit she went in for new shots, including the shot for kennel cough (gotta love that cosmic twist). She's taking antibiotics and hydrocodone syrup, which is fantastic fun - it's bright red, like cherry red, and I'm currently 50/50 on being able to shoot it all in her mouth before she spits it back up all over the couch, or her blanket, or herself, or in my hair, which is a lovely gift that keeps on giving.  

 A sick beagle is perhaps the saddest beagle.

I'm in the planning stages for the next four Small Batch Countdown Box themes, so if you have any you'd like to see, feel free to leave them as a comment below. If we use your idea (and it wasn't something that was already planned, or a previous box theme), you'll get your deposit waived for the box :)

Until tomorrow, happy stitching!



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