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Hi! You may have noticed this blog has been silent for the past few months. It's going to continue to be silent after the post for the next few, while I put my time into getting the Countdown Box shipments caught back up and on schedule again. 

 As of June 22nd, StitchyBox is no longer a sponsor of Fiber Talk.

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  • Thank you for calling Gary out. As I posted on Facebook, 2 weeks ago I sent Gary a comment about how white our craft was. I suggested he reach out to find more minority players. I even gave him some referrals to folks who know all the fiber artists. His response was “no need”.
    Your second response to his response was spot on. I applaud you for your stand. Social issues
    Concern us all and permeates everything we do. Thank you for making a statement.

    DArcy Walker on

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