Why? Just... Why?

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For the past few days, the traffic for the shop has looked like this: 

I'd love to say those are hundreds of stitchers, looking for fabulous supplies and charts and such, but it isn't - it's someone (or some company) in Hong Kong scrapping every single possible page in the shop - every possible combination of filters in the supply shop, every single product page, everything. Tens of thousands of hits. Why on earth would someone do this? No idea - it's not a DOS attack, it's too methodical and sustained. The only think I can come up with is someone trying to clone us, but I have no idea why anyone would think that would be a useful enterprise. 

Anyways,  if you see a weird StitchyBox clone on the internet at some point, I guess this is where it was born. I don't have any way to stop them from whatever it is they are doing, so I just have to watch from afar.

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  • I asked my husband about this—he is in cyber security. He said they might set up a fake site, based on your site to get email addresses, or to try to get people to buy things. If they do, the scammer gets money and the shopper gets nothing.

    Jamie Frank on

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