Leap Forward - Crafting a 4 Year Plan

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Leap Forward - Crafting a 4 Year Plan


I decided to take advantage of Leap Day (February 29th) yesterday to work out a system for myself I'm calling Leap Forward - a set of goals and projects based on the four years, or 1460 days, from Leap Day 2020 to Leap Day 2024. There are four four-year goals, or projects, which I am going to share with you below (partially because this is a daily thoughts blog, and you'll probably see me talk about them again, and partially for accountability purposes), as well as 3-month/quarterly goals and weekly goals I'll be setting up along the way. 

Why a four-year plan, and not New Years resolutions? I don't know, it just feels right to me. I've always had a bit of a hard time imagining "the future", but for some reason I can imagine what I want for the 41-year-old-version of myself to have accomplished when she looks back four years, but I can't imagine what I want 38-year-old me to look back on next year. Brains are weird, what can I say?

When I brainstormed the initial list, I ended up with 10 4-year goals, which is ridiculous, so I whittled that down to four. Four goals with numbers attached, that can easily be broken down into smaller units for progress tracking, etc - the things that all the project management experts will tell you are vital to creating goals you can actually keep.

So, without further ado, here they are:

1. Stitch for 1000 hours. This one is important for a few reasons. First, I love stitching, but it's something that it is easy for me to put off for other work. Because it is enjoyable, I sometimes have trouble justifying it as part of my "work day", even though I'm stitching models for things we sell. 1000 hours of stitching works out to about 45 minutes a day, which is very do-able.

2. Save $7300. Pretty simple, it works out to $5 a day. 

3. Read/listen to 100 books. Again, one of those things I value but have a hard time making time for. Luckily, this goes well with #1, as I love listening to audio books while I stitch!

4. Release 16 StitchyBox Samplers charts. I still have a decent number of charts from our Needleprint purchase that need either re-charting and/or restitching before they can be released, as well as some of my own antiques I want to chart for release. One of them has cats with laser eyes - who doesn't want that in a sampler?!? But, again, this is something I find it challenging to make time for, so making it a priority over the next four years will help. This works out to about 1 chart per quarter/3 months.

Here we go - time to Leap! :)

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