Random Recommendations: January 15th

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A few things I recommend:


Add to your watch list: McMillions Documentary

My mom was a store manager at McDonalds on and off for most of my childhood, and into my 30s, until she passed away. We were both convinced the Monopoly game was totally rigged (with no real evidence, but just that gut feeling), and it turns out we were right! HBO is airing a multi-part documentary on the scam called McMillions next month, and you know I'll be watching every minute of it!


If you have pets that take medication, do yourself a favor and check to see if their meds are listed on GoodRx. I do not want to think about the money I wasted paying full price for Lady's medications before I found out about it! Since we adopt senior dogs into the StitchyBox Pup Squad, we have a small pharmacy in our kitchen, and I know it has saved my a whole lot of dough (all the more to spend on stitching goodies, right? :) )


David and I are both busy people, and getting an actual date together can be a real challenge. For Christmas, I bought us one of the boxes from Crated with Love, the Cursed Cabin Date Night Box, and it has been a lot of fun to play through.

Very well put together, and definitely worth the $35 I paid for it. So, if you are looking for something a little out of the box (ha, yes, Dad pun alert!) to do with your significant other, I recommend checking them out. Not an affiliate or anything, I just think it's fun!

Until tomorrow, Happy Stitching!

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